AUGUST, 2020


Insidious and intrusive malware seeks to damage users’ operating systems and interferes with the normal operation of your device.

These malicious, underhanded applications can be hidden in seemingly legitimate applications during a download, visiting a website, receiving an email…

Cybersecurity is more than just a hot topic, it is an unprecedented issue that affects major groups, state institutions and VSEs and SMEs alike. Every person and every organization is likely to be vulnerable to phishing or malicious code. This threat is all the more real with the increase in teleworking and the recent changes in the way our work environment is used.

In order to counter these ongoing threats, an innovative method has been created by Menlo Security, a company based in California in the technological cradle that is Silicon Valley. Founded in 2013, Menlo Security has adopted an isolation-based approach to protection.

Menlo Security’s solution isolates incoming content, websites, links and attachments in a secure virtual environment before they reach the user. In other words, the platform cleans the content of all malware and redistributes it to the user free of malicious code.

If any malware is detected, it is executed and removed within the virtual environment, so the transmission of healthy content is done in the form of secure Adaptive Clientless Rendering data, and the same goes for emails and websites visited.

The publisher opted for a solution that requires no software installation on the client’s workstation and that works on any type of terminal, browser and operating system.

Yucca Solutions approves this solution which is fully adapted to highly regulated environments such as financial environments, where confidential data has to be processed.

For a private bank in Geneva, we deployed the Menlo Security solution in its Proxy Isolate All version, On-premise, it brought a real added value in terms of security after more than 3 years of use.

In addition to the fact that it works in isolation for all the sites, a number of functionalities have shown their value in an environment where security and the fight against data leakage are paramount:

– Possibility to easily block all or part of the uploads or downloads according to rules defined by the user / sites / domain, type of document…

 Preview of all types of office documents via the search engine, before downloading and the possibility of authorizing the user to download, or only a “Safe” version with all potentially dangerous elements removed.

 Read-only site visit : to block any attempt to copy/paste data, but leaving the possibility to visit the following sites

This list is obviously not exhaustive, but these features, added to all the other possibilities, make Menlo Security a particularly valuable tool in the panel of security tools for a sensitive environment.

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