09.10.2020    Authors : Alanda Gungadeen & Christophe Simonin

With the growth of home office, companies are facing a new challenge for data protection and cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated.
They can be prevented by human vigilance, with the help of a strong password and regular updates .
But humans remain the main source of security breaches and the gateway for ransomware, malicious attacks, phishing, data leaks, etc.
Our partner Terranova Security, a world leader in IT security awareness, offers a people-centric approach by providing solutions and training that address this unprecedented challenge.
Terranova Security carries out, among other things, phishing scenarios in order to test users in real time and under realistic conditions. In addition, the resources made available and the accessibility of the courses enable direct action to be taken on human behaviour.
With a modular format, Terranova Security has based its pedagogy on microlearning and nanolearning, i.e. ultra-short training courses: the training programmes include phishing, specific risks and basic knowledge for the user, including computer protection at home.
Security awareness training promotes user awareness and leads to behavioural changes with all connected devices that are susceptible to cybercrime.

Feedback from a private bank in Geneva

“Terranova’s security awareness solution allows us to significantly increase our users’ awareness of the risks associated with cybersecurity.
We can see this through the phishing test campaigns and short training modules scheduled throughout the year :
On the first fraudulent emails sent, we systematically had users who made the mistake of clicking on the links, and even for a few of them, of entering their passwords.
Now, after a short year of training and testing, we no longer have any users “at risk”. All the teams are now proactive and report all seemingly fraudulent messages to the IT department, either for notification or for blocking. »


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