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Application Development

You have specific needs for which there is no off-the-shelf solution? You need to customize an existing solution, develop from scratch your own application?

We have in-depth expertise in supply-chain, financial solutions, human resource, e-commerce, mobile applications and more!


Consulting & design



Custom development

Desktop, web and mobile apps



Track & trace

Document/id management

Product authentification & verification seals (stickers)


Telesales, field sales

Mobile commerce

Omnichannel business

System Integration

A core Yucca know-how, with many years of experience:

We know how to make different platforms and systems communicate and work together in a seamless process.

We have expertise starting from simple internal point-to-point integrations to very complex many-to-many integrations both internal and with third parties.

We make your DATA available for optimized BI/BA.



SAP/JD Edwards


Platform 3rd Party

Payment Gateways & ERP integration

Application Maintenance

We do not only maintain our own applications, We have over the years developed a deep know-how in knowledge acquisition allowing us to maintain either your own or third party applications.


24/7 Support & Maintenance

3rd party maintenance


System Enhancement

Security & Compliance

Database administration

Testing services

Infrastructure Management

Onsite, offsite or offshore, we can provide you with support, from on-demand to 24/7. Our SLA are customized to your needs. We are vendor-agnostic and assist you to find the best solution for you, be it hardware or software, in full transparency and trust.


Infrastructure Architecture & Design

Network & Security

Storage & Virtualization

Mobility / Mdm

Operations & Service Desk

Desk Compliance & Data protection

Business continuity