Ever wished your company worked like Swiss Clockwork?

Yucca Solutions offers so many innovative business solutions that you will no longer need to be torn between your company's tough expectations and poor IT resources.

Additionally, we're Swiss: this means we were born with a full skill set dedicated to precision and efficient execution.

What we do
Business Intelligence

Make strategic decisions easily, thanks to Business Intelligence systems that provide up-to-date and relevant information about your company's context.


Give your clients direct access to your products and services, with these ultra-performing E-Business solutions:

Webshop - your online shop
Telesales - make new offers to your clients
Field Sales - provide your clients with up-do-date offers for them to choose from
E-commerce - directly sell and manage your client's orders

Customized Development

Apps development using the latest technologies (.NET, Java and PHP)

Mobile Solutions

Both your company and your customers are developing on-the-go needs: that's what mobile solutions are for. We make useful tools that follow you and ease your workload, wherever you are.

Groupware & Collaborative Platforms

Create a warm collaborative atmosphere within your company: we supply advice on Groupware and collaborative platforms to enable quick and effective communication within your teams.

Enterprise Social Network

As you know, social networks aren't just about gossip and dating. We help your company to consolidate the use of social platforms within your workspace: a new and more engaging intranet.

Enterprise Content Management

No more excuses for missing documents: we provide advice and develop tools to manage all documents coming and going in your company, irrespective of format.

Quality Expertise

We automate the testing of your applications, perform performance and intrusion tests in order to ensure the security and efficiency of your applications.

Legacy Modernization and Rewriting of Application

We have a team of experts to help you rewrite and convert old Microsoft Visual Basic applications (VB4 to VB6) into modern .NET applications.

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Warm-hearted and trustworthy business
How we deal with clients

Understand, support, enhance: we build long-term relationships with our clients.

How we stand on our feet

We're each other's backbone, working towards our combined growth and success.

How we approach our work

We strongly believe that honesty, integrity and transparency are the pillars of good, sustainable results.