Our mission and know-how in e-commerce are simple: from the different platforms on the market (Magento, WooCommerce, Shoppify, Wordpress, Drupal ...) we define with you the features that best meet the needs of your specific activity, with the best return on your investment. It's you who know your business model and your customers, our role is not to build your digital strategy - it's up to you - but to create the most effective "engine" so your customers find useful information where they are looking for it, response rates and display are as fast as possible, that the management of purchases - from the basket to the payment - is functional. We take into account the evolving UI / UX needs and ensure that the mobile version of your site is at the cutting edge of technology.
Yucca Solutions also gives you the technical answers - even if they require tailor-made developments - to perfectly integrate your e-commerce site with your other information systems: accounting, deliveries, CRM. We work either directly with our corporate customers or with their digital marketing providers who want to entrust their engine to specialists who know how to optimize performance.
In 4 words: WE MAKE IT WORK!