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What does hybrid offshoring mean ?
  • Some offshore companies operate directly from their base country, without any real local management in Europe. Yucca’s hybrid model means that it is the management in Switzerland and the project managers in Switzerland and France who provide the interface and customer service. Yucca is a Swiss company with a subsidiary in India, not an Indian offshoring center with sales offices in Europe.
Who is Yucca ?
  • Yucca Solutions SA was created more than 10 years ago in Vevey (Switzerland) by a team of French and Indian IT engineers who wanted to develop a hybrid offshoring model. The company, which started with 4 people, now has nearly 150 permanent employees.
How much does Yucca hybrid offshore cost ?
  • The general case is a combination of our local resources (for project management and proximity relationship) and our offshore resources (for development and support). Depending on the proportion in man-days local/offshore, the combined cost will obviously vary. On average, the final savings, all things being equal, are generally 20 to 30%, or even more depending on the project.

What is the impact on employment in our European countries ?
  • In our countries, the IT job markets are very difficult and will probably remain so for years to come, for both demographic and training reasons. Offshoring allows companies to allocate their available local resources to value-added and functional tasks, while compensating for the lack of production staff by remote teams. In IT, Western Europe is not in a situation where local employees would be subject to salary dumping, as the difficulty for all companies is mainly to find the IT specialists they need.
In which languages ?
  • The local contact can be in French or in English. The language of work and communication with India is almost always English, the international language of IT.
What is the time difference ?
  • With India, the time difference is + 3h30 in summer and + 4h30 in winter. This is an ideal situation that allows a long enough overlap for communication during the day, while having early morning hours in India to advance projects before the start of the day in Europe. Yucca also routinely provides 24/7 services from Bangalore, which is much more costly and difficult to get in Europe.
Is the quality as good ?
  • Training levels, processes, innovation are quite comparable. Quality controls follow rigorous standards. Yucca is regularly congratulated by its customers for the quality of its services, the respect of deadlines and budgets.
What guarantees ?
  • Yucca Solutions is a Swiss company, with a subsidiary in France. Contracts, insurances or guarantees are therefore totally under European law. Yucca has its own 100% subsidiary in Bangalore and therefore controls all projects from A to Z internally.

What types of clients does Yucca have ?

Yucca achieves about half of its turnover with multinational companies that are leaders in their sectors (food, health…), and the other half with local companies in various sectors such as private banking, real estate management, micromechanics…

Is it also a solution for SMEs ?
  • Unlike pure offshoring, which requires that the client already has a robust IT structure in terms of needs definition and remote project management, Yucca’s hybrid offshoring is also aimed at all types of SMEs, with the management interface provided locally. This model is economically attractive even for limited budgets.
How to get a free quote ?
  • The basis of any estimate is the specifications: the need, the technology used, the deadlines… A quick telephone interview allows first to evaluate if Yucca can meet the different criteria. If it is the case, an appointment – physical or remote – will then be made to go into more detail, in order to submit a quotation.