Continuity and Trust: two words that summarize the many services we can offer in terms of infrastructure. Our clients, large companies, banks, NGOs, SMEs call on us to safely manage their information systems. We enable them to constantly cope with the rapid evolution of IT, to adapt our support to their fluctuations of activity, to rest, when needed, on a 24/7 assistance. We also serve as neutral and objective intermediaries in the relationship with their various software or hardware partners. Flexibility and cost optimization ... with trust.




GDPR highlights the growing need for security and confidentiality in data management. The increasingly rapid succession of cyber-attacks on the one hand, the leaks of data on large social networks on the other hand, mean that today everyone is becoming more attentive to the way their own data is protected. Artificial intelligence also feeds on big data, collected both from "human" information systems and from an exponential number of connected objects. Helping you manage this complexity and put in place evolutionary protections is our job. And that is why even extremely cautious private banks entrust us with their infrastructure.




Who would have predicted only a few years ago that cloud solutions could be safer than hosting data on one's own servers or those of a local host? Today the cloud is not only more economical to implement than many local solutions, but it is often much more flexible and secure. But it is absolutely necessary to surround yourself with experienced specialists to understand all the issues. To objectively compare the different platforms, to safely integrate your information systems, to provide you with a long-term follow-up so as to adapt your solutions to the evolution of your quantitative and qualitative needs. Cloud and security are an integral part of our infrastructure support.