Would you trust him?


At Yucca, of course, we breathe, eat and drink lines of code and programs all day long. But above all, we are a team of passionate men and women, attentive to your needs and ready to support you in all your projects. We know that our success rests on the trust you place in us, a trust built on the quality of our relationships.


Change Management


1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 ... the revolutions induced by the many forms of the digitization are accelerating. Often much faster than organizations and individuals can cope with if not well prepared. Our consulting practice helps you anticipate, manage and support your managers and employees. To understand digitalization and to implement it. To pilot innovation. To manage change. To train your teams so that they know how to put technologies at the service of customer relations. To work on the quality of human relations internally and externally. This is the role of our expert consultants.