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For a non-profit music licensing company based in the United Kingdom, which collects royalties on behalf of rights owners and performers for recorded music / video clips played in public and broadcast on the internet. radio, television and the Internet.


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For a Swiss provider of local energy services. The company serves 250,000 customers in the Canton of Geneva, supplying water, gas, electricity and thermal energy. They manage wastewater, waste recycling and offer energy and telecommunications services. All activities aim to promote smarter energy use, as part of ongoing sustainable development..


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Nestlé was established in Switzerland in 1866 and is the largest agribusiness company in the world. Nestlé is behind a wide variety of local and regional initiatives in the areas of health, nutrition, children, well-being, sport and culture..

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Nestlé Health Science is the world leader in nutrition, health and wellness. Nestlé Health Science has been operational since January 2011 and helps relieve chronic disease patients, improving their quality of life.