Good development makes
the world a better place

There's more to it than development, of course, but enhancing your company's practices is the first step towards building a successful, sustainable business. Relying on Yucca Solutions means relying on all the developers you need, whether they are a dedicated team or a whole development center.

Custom Software Development

The Lab is our own R&D Department, always looking for the latest and the best in development and Business Intelligence.
The Lab is the right choice if you are looking for, say, a new telesales application.
We will provide the skilled manpower that perfectly match your business needs.

Forget off-the-shelf or free software and get the perfect custom solution!

Third-Party Application Maintenance & Refactoring

Imagine a support team you can entrust with the maintenance and management of your third-party applications.

The Support Team will also be there if you need to improve one of your applications by having it rewritten with a different programming language.

Dedicated Development Team or Center

If what you need is highly skilled manpower and exclusive attention, why not hire a dedicated team of five or six members for all your IT maintenance and development needs? Your dedicated development team will assist you for as long as you need.

Are five or six developers not enough for you? No worries: you can create your own production unit employing anywhere between ten and hundreds of dedicated developers and housed in a building with your company name on the door. Alternatively, and if you already have a building, we can help you set up your own Development Center.

How to turn a company into a great organisation
1 Thinking

The Project Manager processes your request for the Business Analyst, who's in charge of fully understanding your business and needs. He or she will check with you and our staff that everything is clear.

2 Testing

Now it's time to involve the Development Manager, who will establish a features sheet.
A number of test features are then developed and passed on to the Quality Control Team.

3 Starting

The Business Analyst runs a final check to make sure everything is working properly.
Finally, the Project Manager presents our work to the most important stakeholder of all: you!